Zero Jungle vol 3

⚡Jeffrey Brown ⚡
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this is the final volume of my 2008 comic zero jungle and this time the story takes place in 1999 , its about the would be end of the world and Y2K panic of the time seen through the eyes of a Rookie Agent named Valerie Pryce . her life goes from zero to sixty in only a few hours after she captures a elusive international criminal and from there all hell breaks loose . its like my protype story i was just putting together before i created my webcomic in 2009 called the valkyrie quartet . so enjoy another volume of seeing me grow as a cartoonist from this comic .

  • Size
    53.8 MB
  • Length
    40 pages
  • Size53.8 MB
  • Length40 pages
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Zero Jungle vol 3

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